Aims of the society

• To associate medical doctors from Switzerland who are engaged in the field of aesthetic medicine
• To advance aesthetic medicine scientifically and practically and to plan it's future development in Switzerland
• To maintain relations with other neighbouring disciplines
• To maintain cooperative relations between it's members
• To defence ethics in the practice of aesthetic medicine

To achieve this, the society organises scientific meetings, holds relations with other societies in aesthetic medicine, encourages exchange of views, publications and professional formation.

Our members structure

Dermatology FMH15
General medicine FMH7
Anesthesiology FMH1
Urology FMH1
Médecine générale3
General medicine4
Ophtalmology FMH1
Internal medicine FMH3
Ophthalmology FMH5
Facial Plastic Surgery1
Plastic surgery FMH3
Dermatology and venerology FMH1
Dermatologie et Vénéréologie FMH1
Allergology and Clinical Immunology1
Spécialiste FHM en chriurgie1
General Medicine1
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